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Shopping for the holidays is not something I like to do. Not because it doesn’t bring me joy, I just don’t like the whole process. The internet has made my life much more easier than you could possibly imagine. Shlepping out in the cold and snow, going to crowded stores, nowhere to park, going out in the cold… well, you get the picture. Now I do most of my shopping, especially for Christmas, on the internet. Most of the time, actually just about all the time, it goes off without a hitch and it is soooooo worth it for me. Recently though, I hit a bump in the road, but in the end, it all turned out for the better.
Two weeks before Christmas, I ordered an Ipod Nano as a gift. What pushed me over the top was the fact that I got free personalized engraving, free shipping, and it was wrapped as a gift. No brainer, especially because it was selling for the same price as I could get it from a store without going out in the cold, long lines etc… At first, there were problems with the order and processing my credit card. I called my bank and they assured me that it should go thru, call them back and do it manually. After a few tries, we finally got it to work. Don’t know if it was the bank or Apple, but it all got resolved. Now, just wait for it to arrive.
A few days later, the Ipod arrived, but missing the red bow as advertised. Not that big a deal, but looking at the picture, it would have been nice to have it. Since the gift is for my son, I figure it needed a case to keep it looking good. I headed out to Walmart, in the cold, nowhere to park, etc… to find one. To my surprise, they were selling the exact same Ipod for the exact same price, but it came with a $50 Itunes gift card. Normally, I would return the product and get the one with the extra $50. Problem is, you can’t return a personalized Ipod. All that was left to do was give Apple customer service a call. The only thing I hate more than shopping – calling customer service. Wow… were they nice and helpful. I ended up getting a $25 credit on my card and they shipped me a case that I was gonna buy anyway. Apple did the right thing and made a small problem turn into some good pr. Kudos to Apple and I will continue to shop at their online store whenever possible. You should too.


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