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Cash For Clunkers?

I actually had a My Car Buddy client this week who just about qualified for this (interesting) new program. Here’s the details: His trade in was a 2001 Dodge Durango with 92,000 miles. Easily qualifies as a gas guzzling behemoth and falls well within the mpg limits. I managed to get him $3900 and with the tax savings it almost was a wash and not worth the extra paperwork. My question is… Is this really gonna stimulate car sales? Even if all it does is getting people to talk about it, I think it will help. I have had people ask about this program but after looking into it, the parameters are very limited. I think they should have gotten a little more creative with it and actually,because it is a government program, you knew it would not be very well thought out. On a side note… Infiniti announced 0% APR and lease deals on their entire line up (minus the new G37 convertible – hot!). Not only do I think this will stimulate some sales, but I will be promoting it to my clients. Great cars and awesome deals! That is how you stimulate the economy! Unfortunately, this is all because their sales are down. Meanwhile, according to my old contacts at Audi, sales are up and my old dealership is running out of cars to sell. What the heck is happening here? Is the economy on the up tick? Only time will tell.


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Seriously… ! Let me start by saying that I enjoy Twitter. I signed up a few months ago and this new “time vampire” has me intrigued. Where else can you go to find out what Danica Patrick had for lunch, see pictures that Rob Dyrdek took at his fantasy factory or the latest funny one liner from Shaq? You can also follow your favorite businesses and find out about special promotions, give aways or just general up to the minute news. Pretty neat huh? And its all free on top of it! If you happen to follow me, you can find out that I love golf, stay up waaayyy tooo late, and that I also use it to promote my business by blasting out a few tweets on the advantages of Pitch Perfect in between my tweets of golf score updates and what my children have done today. It has also been a major form of communication in some third world countries to let the rest of us know what is going on when all other means of contact are shut off. Awesome!
So by now, I am somewhat of a veteran at this tweeting stuff and thru trial and error have found ways to get followers. But as of late, all of my followers are promoting none other than a get rich quick and easy scam just by tweeting. I mean seriously… It seems that whenever there is any new kind of technology, there is a new kind of scam right behind it. This is a classic case of convincing people that you can make easy money by doing little or no work. In the end, the only ones making any money are the people who start this and con others to giving them money in return for showing them how to do it themselves. Another one to stick in the “Things that make you go Hmmmmm….” file. Wanna follow me? http://twitter.com/rickbalas

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