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When I was a finance manager at an auto dealership, it was real easy selling people stuff that they didn’t want, didn’t need and in some cases, shouldn’t have had.  Now that I am a financial planner, I am amazed at how difficult sometimes it is to sell something that everyone should have, most everyone needs, will appreciate in value and will ultimately make them and their families lives much better. Hmmmm… Why does everyone say yes to Simoniz Paint Sealant, Extended Warranties and Gap insurance but  say no to paying less tax,  protecting their family, employees and businesses,  and no to the thought of retiring with plenty of money? Things that make you go hmmmm…


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Ask yourself these very simple, but important questions:

– How well do I manage my cash flow?

– What is my net worth and why is that important?

– What will happen to my family’s lifestyle and my debt if I die?

– If I get sick or injured, how will I pay my bills?

– How much should I keep in cash reserves?

– What have I done in the past year to lower my federal income tax?

– How early can I retire and when will I run out of money at my current lifestyle?

– Do I have all my legal documents in place – will, power of attorney,living will etc…?

– Are you upset about the losses to your investments and retirement plans? What are you doing about it?

– Is your financial advisor/planner calling you to see how they can help – or avoiding your call?

     * If you don’t know the exact answer to each and every one of these questions, or if you answered yes to the last one, you will benefit from real, comprehensive financial planning. If you don’t have a plan you are costing yourself money. Having a plan, will save you much more than you would spend on the advice. People who have financial planners are the ones who are prepared for economic downturns like what we are currently going thru. Do yourself and your family a favor, hire a fee based planner and get the advice that can make you recession proof!

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I’d love to put it in my own words but this is a lot easier – http://articles.moneycentral.msn.com/learn-how-to-invest/dont-panic-get-a-financial-adviser.aspx

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